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Tim Tebow stalker arrested in Florida

It is likely a majority of Americans are aware of Tim Tebow, college football star, National Football League failure and now Major League Baseball hopeful who signed a minor league deal with the New York Mets and has kept fueling the media fire by attending spring training down in Florida. Many Americans love Tim Tebow, not necessarily due to his on-field successes, which have been few since college, but because of his extremely positive and enchanting attitude and demeanor on and off the field. His good looks and charm may have been too much for one fan however.

Criminal defense 101: categories of crimes

Many people in Upper Marlboro may have a basic understanding of what distinguishes a misdemeanor from a felony, or, if they have watched enough crime shows on television or tuned into the nightly news, they may already know that felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanor crimes. However, it is important to understand the basic categorization of crimes, as courts will treat different levels of crimes differently.

Officer acquitted in incident involving a 16-year-old pupil

Police officers in Maryland have the difficult job of determining when an individual is committing a crime, and then responding appropriately. Sometimes there are claims of police overreach in certain situations, particularly if the incident is captured on video. Recently, a 53-year-old Baltimore police officer was acquitted of charges for assault in the second degree, and misconduct in office, after an incident involving a student was captured on video.

How serious is a driving under the influence of drugs charge?

When one thinks of driving under the influence, the term is typically applied to drinking and driving. But as the United States slowly starts to accept marijuana consumption, either for medicinal purposes or in some states, recreational purposes, it is important to understand and recognize that the term is also applicable to drug use, and the same penalties and laws apply to someone driving high as someone driving drunk.

Suppressing evidence might be your ticket to freedom

If you have been arrested for a criminal charge, it may be in your best interest to see whether the proper procedures were followed by law enforcement officers during every phase of your case. Evidence typically plays a big role during a court case. As was famously stated in the O.J. Simpson trial, "if the glove don't fit, you must acquit." And as all know, O.J. was in fact acquitted, and errors by authorities played a significant role in that case.

What can I expect during a sentencing?

Although it may be assumed that the sentencing phase of a court trial means that the subject was found guilty, sentencing also takes place when a plea bargain has been met with the prosecutors. The sentencing phase determines several factors that will determine the fate of the defendant.

Helping your child through a college disciplinary hearing

You may have been concerned that your son or daughter hadn't chosen a major, or that his or her grades indicated that perhaps your child should be studying harder. However, the phone call from the police saying they had arrested your child probably blindsided you.

Mostly peaceful protests erupt across country in wake of election

The recent United States presidential election was unprecedented on many levels. On one side, a successful billionaire businessman and reality television star, Donald Trump, was the underdog through every phase of the election cycle. On the other side, a near life-long politician and previous first lady, Secretary Hillary Clinton, would have been the first female president in the United States. Trump would be the first president without any previous political experience.

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