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When can domestic violence lead to a warrantless arrest?

Allegations of domestic violence are very serious. Not only could such charges lead to criminal penalties, but such allegations could have a very detrimental effect on a person's reputation in his or her community. However, Maryland law has provisions that allow for warrantless arrests in certain instances of domestic violence.

A look at domestic violence statistics

It is unfortunate that in the United States millions of Americans fall victim to domestic violence every year. And, the actual statistics can be staggering. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, as many as 20 people per minute are physically abused in the United States, which leads to more than 10 million cases each year.

NFL under fire for player's domestic violence

Following the release of a video tape showing ex-NFL running back Ray Rice dragging his wife out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino a few years ago following a domestic dispute, the National Football League has been under significant scrutiny about how they handle domestic violence cases with their players. They have since created specific rules regarding domestic violence cases, including mandatory suspensions, but inconsistencies with how they handle each cases continues to hinder the league.

What is considered domestic violence in Maryland?

Because of the serious concern domestic violence presents for families and communities, individuals facing domestic violence situations or accusations may wonder what is considered domestic violence in Maryland. In Maryland, domestic violence is defined as certain acts between family or household members. Acts that can occur between family or household members, which are considered domestic violence in Maryland, include assault; actions that cause fear of imminent serious bodily harm; actions that cause serious bodily harm; rape or sexual offenses; attempted rape or sexual offenses; stalking; and false imprisonment such as actions that impact freedom or kidnapping.

Steps that can prevent false domestic violence charges

There has been a tremendous increase in awareness in the nation regarding the issue of domestic violence. Both federal and state laws have been toughened in order prosecute those who perpetrate this heinous crime and to protect those who desperately need protection. Unfortunately, there have also been instances of false domestic violence charges being filed throughout the country. Being accused of this crime can result in everything from a prison sentence to a damaged reputation. There are a few basic steps that someone can take to help prevent from being falsely accused of domestic violence.

What Can I Do To Stay Out Of Jail After A Domestic Violence Charge?

In Maryland, domestic violence charges are governed by the state's assault laws. This means that even if your domestic dispute didn't result in any physical harm, you can be charged with assault. If physical harm did result, or if a weapon was used, you could be facing felony assault charges.

From Giving Thanks To Domestic Violence Allegations

The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. When family relationships are strained, getting together for holidays - like Thanksgiving - can be anything but relaxing and joyful. It's not uncommon for family disputes to erupt. Unfortunately, it's a small step from verbal fights to threats and physical violence - especially when alcohol is involved as it often is during holiday celebrations.

White House staff member resigns after incident with boyfriend

A 37-year-old woman from Upper Marlboro, Maryland who worked as a legislative liaison and special assistant to the president recently resigned following allegations of a violent incident involving her boyfriend, a Capital police officer.

A closer look at domestic violence in Maryland courts

In general, there can be criminal and civil consequences associated with domestic violence. In Maryland, domestic violence abuse is defined as assault; an act that places an individual in fear of imminent serious bodily harm; an act that causes serious bodily harm; attempted rape or an attempted sexual offense; rape or a sexual offense; stalking; and false imprisonment or kidnapping between family or household members.

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