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I've been charged with the distribution of drugs: What now?

Laws regarding the distribution or trafficking of drugs in the state of Maryland penalize those who sell, transport and illegally import unlawful controlled substances. These substances include illegal drugs such as methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Punishments for the distribution of drugs vary depending on multiple factors, such as the drug amount involved, the type of drug, the geographic area in which the distribution took place and if you were targeting children.

Are you facing a prescription-related problem?

Did you know approximately 20 percent of the nation's current population have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons? Minimal research into the money trail regarding pharmaceuticals and drug use in this country provides evidence that it's a tremendous money-making industry. In recent years, however, vast numbers of people have run into various problems related to prescription drugs, including addiction, overdose and legal trouble associated with criminal charges.

Is medical marijuana legal in Maryland?

If you have a chronic medical condition or certain disorder, you may be like the thousands of Americans who are searching for alternatives to traditional treatment. In many states, these individuals find relief with medical marijuana, but, unfortunately, this is not yet an option for residents of Maryland.

President Obama commutes nearly 1,400 drug sentences

In continuing what appears to be a trend towards more allowance of drugs in the United States, former President Barack Obama, in one of his final moves while in office, granted clemency for 209 federal prisoners last Tuesday, January 17, 2017, a vast majority of whom were serving time for non-violent drug related crimes. To date, President Obama had nearly 1,400 sentences commuted, the most for any President.

Phasing out mandatory sentencing for drug crimes in Maryland

Because you already have a felony conviction on your record, your latest arrest may have you concerned. In Maryland, like many states, the justice system has established mandatory sentences for repeat offenders, especially those convicted of drug crimes.

A look at the legalization of marijuana throughout the U.S.

A few weeks ago during the elections, nine states had votes to extend marijuana use, whether for medicinal or recreational use, including Maryland, which voted to legalize medicinal marijuana use. What does this mean for Maryland residents?

Cops find 124 pounds of marijuana in stop on I-95

A simple stop for speeding while travelling north on Route I-95 in White Marsh, Maryland, led to a surprising find for officers on Saturday, October 22. Upon initial inspection the vehicle, Maryland State Police noticed what they described as "several indicators of illegal activity" and called for a K-9 unit to further investigate.

A THC "potalyzer" test developed to catch stoned drivers

As the nation continues passing and considering laws to legalize or decriminalize marijuana, the pleas for some kind of instant test to identify people driving under the influence of pot have been heard. Engineers at Stanford have developed an experimental roadside "spit test" that will identify people under the influence of marijuana.

Common examples of drug paraphernalia

Most Maryland residents know that to be charged with a drug crime a person usually must be in possession of an illegal substance. However, they may not know that a person can also face drug charges even though they may not have any illegal drugs on them. But, what they may have on them are items that are associated with the use of illegal drugs. These objects are known as drug "paraphernalia," and having them in one's possession can lead to drug charges.

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