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Maryland police arrest 4 after searches

Four men were taken into custody on Sept. 27 after drugs, weapons and stolen property were uncovered during the search of several Pocomoke City residences. The Worcester County Sheriff's Office said in a press release that the search and seizure actions were taken following a three-month investigation into cocaine distribution in the area. While initial reports contain information regarding the items and substances recovered during the operation, they contain no details about what prompted police to search the addresses in question or believe that the men taken into custody were selling drugs.

Drug arrests increasing despite change in consensus

Maryland residents should know that while President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have indicated that they intend to restart the drug war, drug arrests have continued to increase since before Trump was sworn into office. In fact, there were 1.57 million drug-related arrests in 2016, a number that represented a 5.63 percent increase from 2015.

Doctors face drug charges for allegedly selling prescriptions

With thousands of Americans reportedly overdosing on opioids and painkillers, law enforcement officials have been cracking down on prescription drug crime. Maryland police departments are working with federal agents to put a stop to overdose deaths in Maryland by going after doctors who misuse their licenses.

Drugged driving in Maryland

Maryland law enforcement can file drug charges against individuals who possess or distribute drugs. Police can also make arrests of motorists who drive under the influence of drugs. A person may be guilty of driving under the influence for operating any vehicle unsafely because they are too impaired by any drug. It is also illegal to operate a vehicle while being impaired by a controlled substance.

Police camera shows planting of evidence in Maryland

Baltimore police body cameras have a feature which records automatically for 30 seconds before the officer turns on the camera. This may have been unknown to an officer who allegedly planted drugs and then activated the camera to film their retrieval. This led to the dropping of drug charges against a man arrested for heroin possession and an official review of other drug arrests.

What are the penalties for drug possession in Maryland?

Heroin and other opiate use is becoming more prevalent in Maryland and across the nation. A 2016 poll conducted by the Washington Post and University of Maryland reported that three out of every 10 people in the state have a close friend or relative who has an opioid addiction. Therefore, it is important for residents of Maryland to understand the state's drug laws with regards to the opioid epidemic and the penalties associated with them.

Addicts in Maryland may benefit from drug court program

Drug addiction, such a heroin addiction, is a big problem in Maryland and throughout the nation. People who are addicted to drugs are oftentimes accused of committing drug offenses. However, what they really need is help getting and staying sober, something that may not be available to them should they be sent to jail. Therefore, for some, drug courts may be a more beneficial option.

Teenagers facing drug charges need to protect their future

Teenagers may not always exercise the best judgment when it comes to drugs. They may be curious about what it's like to be "high," which could lead to experimentation. Other young people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drug offense takes place. Unfortunately, prosecutors in Maryland will not go easy on anyone they suspect committed a drug crime, no matter what that person's age is.

I've been charged with the distribution of drugs: What now?

Laws regarding the distribution or trafficking of drugs in the state of Maryland penalize those who sell, transport and illegally import unlawful controlled substances. These substances include illegal drugs such as methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Punishments for the distribution of drugs vary depending on multiple factors, such as the drug amount involved, the type of drug, the geographic area in which the distribution took place and if you were targeting children.

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