Careful And Strategic Criminal Defense For College Students

Criminal cases involving college students must be handled very carefully. While a criminal conviction can have negative effects on a person regardless of age, the consequences are even more severe for college students. A conviction, and the resulting criminal record, will put you at a great disadvantage just as you prepare to enter the workforce. Your hard work in college may seem like it was all for nothing with the dark cloud of a criminal history hanging over you.

If your child has been arrested at the University of Maryland or another school, it is critical to contact a local attorney who is experienced in representing college students. Call 301-579-3429.

At the Law Offices of Thomas C. Mooney in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, we are dedicated to keeping our clients' criminal records clean. We employ a high level of skill and a great commitment to limit the short- and long-term consequences college students may face when arrested for:

When defending college students, our priority is always to minimize the consequences of the charges. We will do everything within our power to ensure this challenge does not result in expulsion or limit your post-college opportunities.

Our lead attorney Thomas C. Mooney was named Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2011 by the Maryland Association for Justice.

Preventing Criminal Convictions And Expulsion

Our attorneys have the experience and confidence to represent and guide college students throughout the criminal process as well as the administrative procedures at their universities. This is a very delicate balance and a skill not all criminal defense attorneys have, because students are often required to appear at college hearings while the criminal case is ongoing. They have the right not to incriminate themselves in the legal case, yet the disciplinary committees force them to talk. We will counsel you through these processes.

We have appeared before disciplinary boards at the University of Maryland. Our clients include college students from Prince George's Community College, Montgomery College, Howard and Georgetown.

To learn how we can help you or your child through this difficult time, contact us for a confidential legal consultation, free of charge. Our attorneys are happy to answer your questions, assess your case and provide an honest opinion about your defense options. Call 301-579-3429 or contact us online to reach our office.