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April 2015 Archives

Penalties for marijuana use and possession in Maryland

There has been a growing movement in the United States to decriminalize the use and possession of small amounts of marijuana. In fact, several states have now made it legal for citizens to use marijuana in the privacy of their own home. And, while marijuana use is still not legal in Maryland, penalties for simple possession and use are less severe. But, penalties for having larger amounts of the drug can still qualify for stiff financial punishment and jail time.

Facts about Maryland domestic violence protective orders

Domestic violence is an affront to human dignity, and no one should ever be subjected to it, no matter if they live in Upper Marlboro County, Maryland, or elsewhere in the nation. Domestic violence occurs between family members, spouses and others who live together and can take many forms. It can involve physical abuse, such as slapping, punching, kicking, verbal abuse, such as screaming and yelling, sexual abuse, such as rape, or even kidnapping and preventing another person from leaving their home. Fortunately, the state of Maryland can help a victim of domestic violence stop the abuse by issuing a protective order.

How many degrees of sexual assault charges are there in Maryland?

Sexual assault of any type is a heinous crime. It doesn't matter if the victim is a woman or a man and it doesn't matter if the victim is young or old. A sex crime is a horrendous event and can leave lifelong physical, mental and emotional scars on the victim; therefore the state of Maryland takes charges of this type very seriously. In order to better protect its citizens, the state has developed four degrees of sexual assault charges. These range in severity from first degree sexual assault, which are the most serious, to fourth degree charges which are the least severe.

Maryland teenager charged as an adult with felony assault

For most Upper Marlboro, Maryland, teenagers being charged with a crime can have a devastating effect on their lives. All of a sudden, they must now deal with criminal charges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and a potential court trial. And, there is always the possibility of being convicted of the charges and being fined or perhaps receiving a jail sentence. On top of all of this are the lingering effects that go along with a criminal record, including a damaged reputation, being treated like a social pariah and the reduced potential for educational and employment opportunities.

What is involved in a plea negotiation?

Whenever reading about a high profile criminal case, most Montgomery County, Maryland residents pay attention to the seriousness of the charges for that trial. Whether it's a high profile murder trial or some other type of case, people always want to know what the charges are and what type of punishment the defendant is facing. But what many people sometimes forget is that there can be a plea bargain or plea negotiation which can change both the seriousness and type of punishment for that case.

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