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Who is eligible for bail and how is it determined?

Bail is either money, property or another kind of collateral that is used to secure the release of someone who has been charged with a crime. Bail is basically a promissory note that says to the court that the defendant will come back and face his or her criminal charges. If the defendant does show up in court, then the amount of bail is returned. However, if the defendant fails to show up in court, then the amount of bail is forfeited. But who is eligible for bail and how is the bail amount determined?

Facing Drug Charges? Rehab May Be Your Best Defense

Some people can use drugs occasionally. Unfortunately, for most, drug use quickly results in addiction - and criminal charges. In Maryland, it's easy for a drug user to be charged with felony-level possession charges. If you are caught with a certain amount of drugs - even if it is for personal use - you can be charged with distribution.

Facts about Prince George County's Diversion Program

Facing any type of criminal charge can be overwhelming and being convicted of the charge can lead to difficulties in life. Fortunately, Prince George County, Maryland does offer a diversion program that gives individuals charged with specific crimes the chance to avoid being prosecuted. If successfully completed, that person may also be able to avoid having a criminal record as well. So here are some important facts about this process.

Types of credit card fraud in Maryland

Many Maryland citizens have had the misfortune of being a victim of credit card fraud. Some residents have even been arrested and charged with fraudulently using someone else's credit card. Credit card fraud is a serious crime in the state and there is even an entire chapter of state criminal code devoted to this type of activity. So here is a quick overview of the kinds of criminal activity associated with credit and debit cards.

Protect yourself with a strong criminal defense team

A criminal conviction can cause lifelong consequences for a person. Generally, criminal charges, such as DWI or a violent crime, lead to very serious consequences including jail time, financial penalties and a criminal record that could affect your current or future employment, your rights, your ability to drive and even where you can live, depending on the type of conviction.

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