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February 2016 Archives

College swimming coach charged with child porn offense

Being arrested for any sexual crime can have a devastating snowball effect on a person's life. Simply being charged with this type of offense can ruin someone's reputation as well as their standing in the community. These charges can also severely disrupt their home life and they may lose their job. Recently, a successful Maryland college swimming coach has found himself in just this kind of situation.

What is probation and when can it be used?

Most Maryland residents know that when someone is charged with a crime, they can either be found guilty or not guilty. They also know that if that person is found guilty, they can be sentenced to prison or receive a fine or both. However, they may not know that the judge can place that person on probation. But, exactly what is probation and when can it be used in a criminal trial?

4 Ways A Criminal Conviction Will Limit Your Future

A criminal conviction is devastating for anybody. But for college students and those just beginning their careers, the effects can be even more severe. Criminal charges alone can create obstacles, but a criminal conviction will limit your future opportunities drastically.

Defendants still have specific rights even after a guilty verdict

Unfortunately, some people believe that the process of criminal justice ends once a defendant is found either innocent or guilty of criminal charges. However, this idea couldn't be further from the truth. Once a trial ends, and if a defendant has been found guilty, there are still certain rights that all convicted defendants are entitled to. So here is a brief look at two specific criminal defense rights that are available to someone who has been convicted of a crime.

What Can I Do To Stay Out Of Jail After A Domestic Violence Charge?

In Maryland, domestic violence charges are governed by the state's assault laws. This means that even if your domestic dispute didn't result in any physical harm, you can be charged with assault. If physical harm did result, or if a weapon was used, you could be facing felony assault charges.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Most Maryland residents know that violent crimes such as assault and robbery are serious criminal charges that can result in a long prison term. They also know that crimes such as drug possession and shoplifting are not in the same category. Maryland, like other states in the nation, separates criminal charges into two basic categories, namely misdemeanors and felonies. But, what is the main distinction between these two types of crime?

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