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June 2016 Archives

What types of crimes can get a non-citizen deported?

Committing a crime almost always results in severe consequences. These consequences can be harsh enough for a US citizen, but can be even more troublesome for someone who was born in another country. The punishment for any non-citizen who commits a felony crime can include deportation. But, exactly what kinds of criminal activity can result in this penalty?

Steps that can prevent false domestic violence charges

There has been a tremendous increase in awareness in the nation regarding the issue of domestic violence. Both federal and state laws have been toughened in order prosecute those who perpetrate this heinous crime and to protect those who desperately need protection. Unfortunately, there have also been instances of false domestic violence charges being filed throughout the country. Being accused of this crime can result in everything from a prison sentence to a damaged reputation. There are a few basic steps that someone can take to help prevent from being falsely accused of domestic violence.

Prescription drug offenses are aggressively prosecuted in Maryland

From 2007 to 2012, over 40 percent of deaths caused by drug overdose in Maryland included the use of at least one prescription opioid. The consequences of overdose - whether intentional or accidental - are obvious. But there are also legal consequences when it comes to the use, distribution, purchase, sale and possession of prescription drugs - even when the prescription is your own.

Two brothers arrested for death of Upper Marlboro man

Being charged with the murder of another person is a life-altering event. Much as the murder itself has altered the lives of the victim's family forever, the life of the person charged with the crime is also dramatically changed. Even if the individual is found not guilty of the crime, their life and the lives of their family members will never be the same. Recently, two Prince George County men found themselves in this type of situation and have been charged with the murder of another local man. According to Prince George County Police, the charges involved include both first and second degree felony murder charges. The men facing the murder charges are brothers.

Criminal defense: How does the appeals process work?

Some people in Maryland believe that a criminal case ends once a verdict has been handed down. However, in some felony criminal trials, a defendant still has the right to exercise an appeal after being convicted. But what exactly is an appeal, and how does the process usually work?

Harsh penalties await those who are convicted of drug crimes in Maryland

When it comes to a drug conviction in Maryland, various penalties come into play. The consequences of a conviction depend on the amount and type of drug, if there were extenuating circumstances such as trying to sell the drugs versus just use them, and whether this is your first offense of if you have been charged with a drug offense in the past.

Woman arrested for drug possession and other charges

Drug crimes are taken very seriously in Maryland and those who are facing them must make certain that they understand what they are facing and take steps to craft a strong defense if they are charged. There are various different kinds of drug charges that can be levied against a person. For example, there is a difference between selling drugs and someone who is arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and might be eligible for drug diversion programs as part of the case.

How is a jury selected for a criminal trial?

Most Maryland residents have been called for jury duty and while many get annoyed with this responsibility because it can inconvenience their lives, they also realize how important this service is to our judicial system. But just being called for jury duty doesn't mean that someone will be automatically selected for a jury for any type of criminal trial. So how is a jury selected for this type of case?

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