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July 2016 Archives

Is there a difference between the crimes of assault and battery?

Most Maryland residents have probably heard of the terms "assault" and "battery." They also know that the terms are used in criminal cases when someone is charged with striking and injuring another person. However, they may not know that while the two words are often used together, they actually mean two different things. So, what is the difference between assault and battery?

Your rights at a DUI stop

Driving while intoxicated can carry significant consequences including suspension of your driver's license, fines and even jail time. That being said, if you become the subject of a DUI stop, you still have rights and the stop itself does not mean that you need to submit of any and all police requests.

When can police search your person or your home?

The 4th Amendment deals with unwarranted searches and seizures and lays out the basic limitations for how and when officers of the law can search your person or belongings. However, many people think the 4th Amendment applies to their situation without really understanding the specifics. The 4th Amendment says:

What kinds of evidence can be presented at a criminal trial?

Maryland residents know that an individual charged with a crime cannot be convicted unless the prosecution has presented sufficient evidence that proves that this person committed the crime. But, some residents may not know that evidence presented in a trial may fall into several different categories. So, what are the different types of evidence that can be presented at a criminal trial?

Types of misdemeanor crimes in Maryland

Most Maryland residents are aware that crimes in the state are divided into one of two classifications: felonies and misdemeanors. They also know that a felony is a more serious type of crime, while a misdemeanor conviction could lead to a lesser punishment. But, some of our readers may not know exactly what types of crimes fall into the misdemeanor category.

Prince George's County men arrested for gun and drug crimes

Being arrested and charged with drug possession or any other type of drug crime can be a devastating development in a person's life. Their entire life must now be focused on defending themselves against these serious charges. Unfortunately, six Prince George's County men have now found themselves in this type of situation. They were the focus of an investigation by local and federal authorities, and as a result are now facing both weapon and drug charges.

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