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August 2016 Archives

What is considered domestic violence in Maryland?

Because of the serious concern domestic violence presents for families and communities, individuals facing domestic violence situations or accusations may wonder what is considered domestic violence in Maryland. In Maryland, domestic violence is defined as certain acts between family or household members. Acts that can occur between family or household members, which are considered domestic violence in Maryland, include assault; actions that cause fear of imminent serious bodily harm; actions that cause serious bodily harm; rape or sexual offenses; attempted rape or sexual offenses; stalking; and false imprisonment such as actions that impact freedom or kidnapping.

Prince George County Authorities seek man for multiple robberies

Some people believe that robbing a store is a victimless crime because it's only a business that loses any assets. But any business that has been robbed may take a significant amount of time to recover from the crime and some may even have to close for a while which hurts the surrounding community. Recently, local authorities have been searching for a man who is suspected of robbing a number of businesses in Prince George County.

For college freshman, errors in judgment can lead to criminal charges

It's August and classes at colleges and universities throughout Maryland and around the D.C. area will soon be back in session. For incoming freshman, the start of their college careers is often an exciting as well as stressful time. It can also be a dangerous time as, on their own for the first time, some freshman may try or do things they've never done before.

Typical forms of fraud in Maryland

Most Maryland residents have heard of the term "fraud." They have also probably heard that fraud is a crime committed by someone who illegally tries to acquire something that doesn't belong to them. However, they may not know that there are many different kinds of fraud that are very common nowadays. They may also be unaware that many kinds of fraud are prosecuted as felonies in most states.

Common examples of drug paraphernalia

Most Maryland residents know that to be charged with a drug crime a person usually must be in possession of an illegal substance. However, they may not know that a person can also face drug charges even though they may not have any illegal drugs on them. But, what they may have on them are items that are associated with the use of illegal drugs. These objects are known as drug "paraphernalia," and having them in one's possession can lead to drug charges.

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