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January 2017 Archives

Is medical marijuana legal in Maryland?

If you have a chronic medical condition or certain disorder, you may be like the thousands of Americans who are searching for alternatives to traditional treatment. In many states, these individuals find relief with medical marijuana, but, unfortunately, this is not yet an option for residents of Maryland.

President Obama commutes nearly 1,400 drug sentences

In continuing what appears to be a trend towards more allowance of drugs in the United States, former President Barack Obama, in one of his final moves while in office, granted clemency for 209 federal prisoners last Tuesday, January 17, 2017, a vast majority of whom were serving time for non-violent drug related crimes. To date, President Obama had nearly 1,400 sentences commuted, the most for any President.

How serious is a driving under the influence of drugs charge?

When one thinks of driving under the influence, the term is typically applied to drinking and driving. But as the United States slowly starts to accept marijuana consumption, either for medicinal purposes or in some states, recreational purposes, it is important to understand and recognize that the term is also applicable to drug use, and the same penalties and laws apply to someone driving high as someone driving drunk.

Phasing out mandatory sentencing for drug crimes in Maryland

Because you already have a felony conviction on your record, your latest arrest may have you concerned. In Maryland, like many states, the justice system has established mandatory sentences for repeat offenders, especially those convicted of drug crimes.

Suppressing evidence might be your ticket to freedom

If you have been arrested for a criminal charge, it may be in your best interest to see whether the proper procedures were followed by law enforcement officers during every phase of your case. Evidence typically plays a big role during a court case. As was famously stated in the O.J. Simpson trial, "if the glove don't fit, you must acquit." And as all know, O.J. was in fact acquitted, and errors by authorities played a significant role in that case.

What can I expect during a sentencing?

Although it may be assumed that the sentencing phase of a court trial means that the subject was found guilty, sentencing also takes place when a plea bargain has been met with the prosecutors. The sentencing phase determines several factors that will determine the fate of the defendant.

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