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February 2017 Archives

How does Maryland code define the crime of burglary?

When a person thinks of the crime of burglary, he or she may think of popular television shows or movies that depict a person smashing through a door or shattering a window in order to enter another person's home in the dead of night. It might make for good television ratings or movie reviews, but in fact the crimes of first-degree burglary and home invasion are felonies in Maryland and could have serious consequences.

Volunteer football coach accused of rape and sexual assault

Many outstanding members of our communities are those who volunteer in youth sports and activities. Not only to the adults experience the satisfaction of working with children, but the children also benefit from having a mentor that can help steer them in the right direction throughout life. Unfortunately, if a youth volunteer is charged with a crime, it could not only jeopardize his or her freedom, but his or her reputation in the community as well.

Are you facing a prescription-related problem?

Did you know approximately 20 percent of the nation's current population have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons? Minimal research into the money trail regarding pharmaceuticals and drug use in this country provides evidence that it's a tremendous money-making industry. In recent years, however, vast numbers of people have run into various problems related to prescription drugs, including addiction, overdose and legal trouble associated with criminal charges.

When can domestic violence lead to a warrantless arrest?

Allegations of domestic violence are very serious. Not only could such charges lead to criminal penalties, but such allegations could have a very detrimental effect on a person's reputation in his or her community. However, Maryland law has provisions that allow for warrantless arrests in certain instances of domestic violence.

With new presidency comes renewed spotlight on deportation

To say that President Donald Trump's has been busy in first week in office is quite an understatement. In addition to multiple shake-ups among personnel on various levels and within various departments, he has also signed an unprecedented number of executive orders in an effort to start fulfilling his campaign promises. While his actions thus far have been met with relief and joy for some, for others, many of his decisions have left people with anxiety and fear over their own future, and the future of their loved ones.

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