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May 2017 Archives

Man acquitted of five attempted murder charges in Baltimore

Many people celebrating Memorial Day this past weekend did so at neighborhood cook-outs and block parties. Although joyous in nature, sometimes events happen at these celebrations that result in criminal charges. Nevertheless, an individual is innocent until proven guilty, which is why putting forth a strong criminal defense is important. After all, nobody wants to see an innocent person found guilty of a crime they didn't commit.

Addicts in Maryland may benefit from drug court program

Drug addiction, such a heroin addiction, is a big problem in Maryland and throughout the nation. People who are addicted to drugs are oftentimes accused of committing drug offenses. However, what they really need is help getting and staying sober, something that may not be available to them should they be sent to jail. Therefore, for some, drug courts may be a more beneficial option.

What factors impact alcohol consumption and impairment?

Many individuals consume alcohol on a regular basis without much incident. You may also partake in the occasional drink when out with friends or at certain events. If you drink regularly, you likely also know your limit as far as when you begin to feel the effects of the alcohol too keenly. However, you may have less of an accurate idea of what your blood-alcohol level may reach at this point.

Teenagers facing drug charges need to protect their future

Teenagers may not always exercise the best judgment when it comes to drugs. They may be curious about what it's like to be "high," which could lead to experimentation. Other young people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drug offense takes place. Unfortunately, prosecutors in Maryland will not go easy on anyone they suspect committed a drug crime, no matter what that person's age is.

Why is the traffic stop so important in a DUI?

As you drove, you suddenly looked into your rearview mirror and saw flashing blue and red lights. You pulled over, and an officer from a Maryland law enforcement agency approached your vehicle. After a few minutes, the officer asked you to step outside the vehicle and began asking you questions. It soon became clear that the officer suspected you of drunk driving. After a breath test, and possibly field sobriety tests, you found yourself in the back of the police car instead of back behind the wheel of your vehicle.

How long must a convict register as a sex offender in Maryland?

Being convicted of a sex crime can have long-term ramifications, even after an individual believes that he or she has paid his or her debt to society by serving time in prison. This is because a Marylander who is convicted of a sexual offense must be included on the state's sex offender registry. Failing to register could result in a three-year prison sentence and/or a $5,000 fine.

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