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What factors impact alcohol consumption and impairment?

Many individuals consume alcohol on a regular basis without much incident. You may also partake in the occasional drink when out with friends or at certain events. If you drink regularly, you likely also know your limit as far as when you begin to feel the effects of the alcohol too keenly. However, you may have less of an accurate idea of what your blood-alcohol level may reach at this point.

Sometimes, though you may not feel impaired, your blood-alcohol level could exceed the legal limit. Because the effects of alcohol hit each person differently, you could potentially have surpassed this limit. If so and an officer stops your vehicle, you could face charges. Therefore, you may have interest in the different factors that could impact blood-alcohol levels.


You undoubtedly know that many people consume different amounts of alcohol before they consider themselves drunk. That difference occurs because each person's body processes alcohol and the amount of alcohol in its own way. Additional factors that could also have impacts include:

  • Gender
  • Body type and size
  • Age
  • Alcohol tolerance
  • Ethnicity

The amount of alcohol in the drinks consumed and the amount of food a person has consumed could also play a role in how quickly an individual becomes impaired. Certain drinks could have as little as four percent alcohol content while harder liquors can have more than 30 percent.

Blood-alcohol levels

Blood-alcohol content often plays a role in determining a person's impairment. If an officer stops your vehicle and suspects impairment, he or she will likely ask you to submit to a breath test. This test utilizes certain technology in order to measure the amount of alcohol in your system.

Of course, if you have charges leveled against you, the officer may want more accurate testing to present to the court. As a result, a blood test may take place, which uses spectrophotometer technology that offers a more accurate reading than a breath test. The accuracy of any of these tests can come into question, however, as errors can occur and time of testing can also have effects.

Dealing with charges

If your blood-alcohol level indicated a percentage over the legal limit, you will likely face DUI charges. If such allegations have been brought against you, you can create a defense against them. Therefore, you may wish to find out more information on your options.

Speaking with an experienced Maryland attorney may help you build an effective case. By providing useful information and specific insight into your predicament, your legal counsel can guide you through the court process.

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