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July 2017 Archives

Is your college student in trouble?

When your son or daughter went off to college at the University of Maryland or other institution, he or she likely received a student handbook (either physically or electronically) that contained a wealth of information. In fact, the college may have required incoming students to attend an assembly where a speaker highlighted essential topics in the document.

Police camera shows planting of evidence in Maryland

Baltimore police body cameras have a feature which records automatically for 30 seconds before the officer turns on the camera. This may have been unknown to an officer who allegedly planted drugs and then activated the camera to film their retrieval. This led to the dropping of drug charges against a man arrested for heroin possession and an official review of other drug arrests.

The moment of truth in a courtroom may be unreliable

The practice of courtroom identifications, where the jury watches the witness dramatically identify the alleged criminal, has been a long-standing challenge for criminal defense in Maryland and across the country. However, this practice is being criticized as being unreliable and outdated.

How to keep drug addiction from ruining your life

Many Maryland residents struggle, or know someone who struggles with alcohol and/or drug addiction. If you are suffering from this condition, you are definitely not alone. Sometimes, a person's battle begins with something as appropriate as medication prescribed for a back or muscle injury. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you feel like you can't live without the drug. Drug addiction often affects more than the person who is addicted. Entire families, even communities may experience the negative effects of someone's addiction.

New bail rules have mixed verdict

Maryland's Supreme Court imposed new rules liberalizing bail this month. When setting bail, judges must consider the accused's ability to pay and impose the least burdensome release terms on suspects who are not considered dangerous or a flight risk. The rules were unofficially implemented last fall.

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