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Trying to guess your BAC level is not in your best interests

Going out with friends is the highlight of the week for many. After a long week at work, it feels good to just blow off some steam and put the work week behind you.

When it comes to going out though, keep in mind your blood alcohol content level, as this can turn a fun outing into a legal challenge if you get pulled over on the way home. 

Importance of BAC

Your BAC level holds a great deal of importance because an officer could take you into custody if your BAC reaches a certain amount. The per se limit for Maryland and all other states is .08 percent. Therefore, even if you do not feel intoxicated or show any particular signs of intoxication, an officer could still take you into custody if your concentration level reaches this limit.

Factors that impact BAC

As you work to determine whether you should get behind the wheel, you may wonder if you could guess your own BAC level. This idea is not a smart one, as many factors could impact a person's BAC limit. Some of those factors include:

  • Your age -- Though you may have once known the number of drinks it took to get intoxicated at a younger age, the effects of alcohol take hold more quickly the older you get.
  • Your gender -- As you know, the bodies of men and women differ greatly. The water content in their bodies as well as differences in stomach enzyme levels have an effect on how quickly each gender becomes intoxicated and how quickly their BAC levels rise. Typically, women reach a higher BAC level sooner than men.
  • Rate of consumption -- If you drink high quantities in a limited amount of time, your concentration level will increase quickly.
  • Type of drink -- Even the type of alcoholic beverage you consume could impact your BAC.

A number of other factors could also have an impact on your blood alcohol concentration. Therefore, you could become more intoxicated than you know. If you end up facing DUI charges after getting behind the wheel, you may wish to review your criminal defense options in hopes of effectively handling your situation.

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