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August 2018 Archives

Let's talk about the drugs on your Maryland college campus

Are you a freshman at a Maryland college or university? Perhaps you already have "been there and done that," and you are now well on your way toward walking the stage to get your diploma, come spring. If so, congratulations, for that is a true academic feat! By the time you're ready to leave your college campus with degree in hand, you may be greatly relieved that you won't have to pull any more all-nighters to study for finals.

Billionaire faces drug charges after hotel-room raid

While many people in Maryland may think of drug charges as something more likely to affect poor or marginalized people, one billionaire was arrested on drug trafficking charges in Las Vegas on Aug. 9. Henry Nicholas, the founder of Broadcom Inc., was arrested by police at the Encore hotel. They allege that heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamine were all found in his hotel room. Nicholas was arrested along with another woman in the room.

States taking extreme measures to fight drug problems

It is sad, yet true. Maryland has one of the highest rates for fatal drug overdoses in the country.  To try to combat this, there are laws in place that take a very hard stance against those who sell drugs to someone who later overdoses. This means that even though another person willing decided to use drugs, the person who sold them the drugs is the one held responsible. 

The truth about wearing ankle monitor devices

The use of electronic monitoring devices doubled between 2005 and 2015, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. These devices use GPS to monitor a person whether he or she is in Maryland or any other state. They are considered to be more humane than simply locking an offender behind bars. For those who have been required to use an ankle bracelet, however, it is often described as akin to being incarcerated.

The implications of drug possession in Maryland

Drug possession charges are serious, and if convicted of this crime in Maryland, it can lead to consequences that can alter the course of your life. If you are facing these charges, it is prudent not to underestimate the potential impact of the case against you. Instead, it is smart to take immediate action to start building a strong defense.

Racial bias can affect bail hearing outcomes

Black defendants may face racial bias in Maryland and across the country at bail hearings regardless of the race of the judge involved. This is the conclusion of a study conducted in Philadelphia and Miami that examined over 250,000 court cases in which bail was at issue. Both black and white judges were, according to the study, more likely to detain black defendants until their court hearings, a step that can have a negative impact on the perception of the defendant and the likelihood of conviction. In addition, black defendants were charged an average of $7,281 more for bail than white defendants.

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