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February 2019 Archives

Traffic stop in Maryland leads to drug seizure

A routine traffic stop in Maryland on Feb. 22 led to the discovery and seizure of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription medications worth more almost $40,000, according to a report from the Anne Arundel County Police Department. Two brothers have been taken into custody in connection with the seized drugs. The Odenton men have each been charged with multiple counts of drug possession and drug possession with the intent to distribute.

Cocaine-related crimes could come with serious penalties

Struggling with a serious condition is not easy, especially when that condition comes with a negative stigma. For instance, if you suffer from drug addiction, you may feel that other people are quick to judge you even though you feel helpless. Unfortunately, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness only keep you in the throes of addiction.

Ruling clarifies how judges must assess jurors

Jurors in Maryland and around the country play an important role in the American justice system. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) has said that jurors are allowed to let their personal beliefs influence their thought process during a case. The case that led to the court's decision involved a black man who was convicted of possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute it. A prospective juror said that she believed that the justice system was rigged against black men.

Drug court: Can it help?

When addiction takes over, people often find themselves in situations they never could have imagined. Suddenly, the once bright, young person with their whole life ahead of them is now behaving in ways they never thought possible. 

Colleges cracking down on underage drinking

In recent years, there is an increasing number of colleges in Maryland and in states across the country that are enacting policies in order to deter students from underage drinking. According to the Center for Disease Control, alcohol is the most commonly used drug by youth in the United States. Underage drinking causes more than 4,300 deaths each year and plays a role in destructive behavior, unprotected sexual activity and poor school performance.

Maryland prosecutor announces more lenient marijuana stance

Lawmakers in Maryland legalized the medical use of marijuana in 2013, but the recreational use of the drug remains forbidden. Civil rights groups say that police disproportionately target black neighborhoods when enforcing the nation's narcotics laws, and Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby cited those arguments on Jan. 29 when she announced that she would no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases.

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