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June 2019 Archives

Did you know about this potential drawback of the keto diet?

Not everyone who subscribes to a particular "diet" is doing so to lose weight, even though many people do tend to shed some pounds when they change their eating habits. Many of the popular diets that have become household names and received a great deal of attention include vegan, paleo, Atkins and vegetarian.

The implications of AI's role in the justice systems

Artificial intelligence may play a larger role in the criminal justice system both at the state and federal level. For instance, it may determine if a Maryland defendant is a risk to offend again in the future. However, some believe that these systems are flawed and may use metrics that are biased against certain groups of people. In one case, prosecutors sought time in juvenile detention for a defendant after an AI program deemed him to be a high risk.

Study shows failures of probation and parole

According to a 2019 report out of the CSG Justice Center, nearly half of people admitted to state prisons throughout the United States are there as a result of violating their probation or parole. In Maryland specifically, only 4% of prisoners are admitted from parole or probation violations. Still, the personal and economic costs of this phenomenon remain a nationwide problem. Criminal justice advocates say that the research should spur a call to action.

Your right to refuse sobriety tests

When a police officer pulls you over, you may feel several physical reactions. Your heart may beat faster, your face may feel hot and your hands may shake. This is normal since an encounter with police often has an uncertain outcome. If the officer asks if you have been drinking, you have good reason to be nervous. A police officer who suspects you of drunk driving may have already decided to arrest you.

Crimewatch apps may not reduce crime

Some people in Maryland may be familiar with apps that are supposed to show whether crime is happening in the neighborhood. These include Citizen, Next Door, and Neighbors, which is part of Amazon Ring. However, there is no evidence that these make people any safer. They do stoke fears about crime, which people believe to be on the rise even though over the past 25 years, it has significantly dropped.

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