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June 2020 Archives

Baltimore man first in city charged under new Maryland law

It is never easy to confront charges of violent crimes. The charges may be the results of emotional conflicts, and there may be many factors in an alleged incident. When acts of violence were the results of extenuating circumstances or when they simply did not happen, it can be especially difficult to understand and fight the charges against a person.

Carroll County incident leads to drug and gun charges

Police are empowered to seek drugs as part of drug violation charges in some cases but not in all others. In general, law enforcement officers hold to the doctrine of probable cause when they are seeking evidence or entering private property. This means that police must have a reasonable suspicion of criminal behavior or imminent danger in order to investigate without a warrant.

Maryland continues to toughen DUI laws

Driving while impaired is probably something many people do without even realizing it. After a couple drinks with dinner, you may feel fine and drive home without any trouble. However, those who have already gone through the ordeal of a DUI arrest may have a good idea of when they have had too much to drink to drive safely.

Domestic violence may have been root of alleged Perry Hall attack

When you are facing domestic violence charges, there are more things to consider than the possible penalties in the criminal justice system. These charges often involve people who are close to us, and they could endanger our ability to be a parent or part of a community.

You may lose custody of your kids if you're convicted of a crime

When it comes to child custody, courts always look at what's in your son or daughter's best interest. Courts examine a variety of factors to conclude whether a child will be safe in a parent's home. Some of the factors that an Upper Marlboro judge is likely to take into account is the proximity of the parent's house to the child's school and other family members and their living preferences depending on their age. Other considerations include whether the parent has a history of alcohol or drug abuse or domestic violence or if they have any criminal convictions.

Controlled substances and prescription drug charges

The misuse of prescription drugs is a grave criminal offense. Criminal activity involving prescription medication is a growing problem, and both Maryland and federal laws take a strong stand against the misuse of these drugs. Additionally, the penalties for the distribution, manufacturing or possession of controlled substances are steep. The Controlled Substances Act is a federal statute that outlines the regulation and control of certain types of drugs.

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