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Was your child arrested for possessing 'study drugs' illegally?

When you sent your son or daughter off to college here in Maryland, you probably experienced excitement, pride and trepidation all at the same time. You want your child to do well, but you also know that this is the first time he or she is away from home.

Think to the future before pleading guilty to drunk driving

Having a police officer accuse you of drinking and driving is nerve-wracking. And while the next day after an arrest you will no doubt still be quite shaken up by the whole ordeal, this is unfortunately just the beginning. What happens next - the actions you take or do not take -- have the potential to greatly change the trajectory of the next few years of your life. 

Field sobriety tests are not mandatory, but a breath test is

While everyone hopes they won't end up pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, the truth is that it happens to many people. This is why it's best to know what your rights are -- just in case -- you ever find yourself in the situation where an officer is asking, "Have you been drinking tonight?"

Did a Maryland police officer ask you to walk-and-turn?

Every driver knows the feeling of driving down the road, only to see the flashing red and blue lights of a police car in the rear view mirror. You have that normal moment -- where you think, maybe it's not for me? It's not until after starting to pull to the side -- to let the officer pass -- that you quickly realize you are in fact the one being pulled over.  

Is your child sharing study drugs on campus?

No matter the course of study your child is taking at the University of Maryland, it is normal for any college student to feel the stress that comes with college. Reading assignments, projects, lab work, papers and exams consume an enormous number of hours in addition to class time and practicums. You may worry about your child's ability to keep up on minimal sleep and a diet of junk food and caffeine. However, there may be something more sinister to worry about.

How could a DUI conviction impact your employment?

Throughout your life, you may have heard of people driving under the influence or while intoxicated and shaken your head at their actions. However, you may view the situation in a different light when you find yourself in this type of predicament. A simple mistake or other circumstances could have resulted in a police officer arresting you for DUI, and now you may wonder how to handle the problem.

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