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I got pulled over and arrested for DUI! What am I facing?

More than likely, you thought you were okay to drive home after a night out. You started your journey, and everything was going fine until you heard that familiar and pulse-quickening squawk of a police siren behind you. If the officer suspects that you are impaired, he or she may ask you to submit to a breath test and field sobriety tests.

Can you challenge the results of a Breathalyzer test?

The social scene and beach life really pick up in Maryland during summer months. People travel from all over the country to visit the many beautiful vacation spots this state has to offer. Those who live here year-round like to enjoy some rest and relaxation as well, whether meeting friends at local restaurants for a few drinks and a bushel of crabs or checking in at their favorite hotels along the shore for a week or more. Most summer adventures occur without major problems, but not all.

Why is the traffic stop so important in a DUI?

As you drove, you suddenly looked into your rearview mirror and saw flashing blue and red lights. You pulled over, and an officer from a Maryland law enforcement agency approached your vehicle. After a few minutes, the officer asked you to step outside the vehicle and began asking you questions. It soon became clear that the officer suspected you of drunk driving. After a breath test, and possibly field sobriety tests, you found yourself in the back of the police car instead of back behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Underage DUI? You can still keep your education on course.

If you are a college student or the parent of a student who is currently facing criminal charges related to underage drinking and driving, you know the importance of taking quick action. Your education, future and even your personal freedom is on the line, but you still have options.

Strong defense could help you avoid DUI conviction

If a DUI charge has been leveled against you, you may start beating yourself up over ending up in such an ordeal. However, anyone could find him or herself in such a situation, and rather than focusing on the negative aspects, you may wish to look into how you could handle your case. There are many factors that could impact the outcome of your specific predicament, and, therefore, you may still have cause for a hopeful result.

What if I decide not to take an alcohol test at a traffic stop?

Getting pulled over for drunk driving can be one of the most humiliating experiences of your life. You naturally may worry about how being convicted of driving under the influence may impact your reputation and potential future job opportunities in addition to resulting in jail time, a fine and the suspension of your driver's license. However, you have the right to refuse to submit to an alcohol test during a traffic stop in Maryland.

Why alcohol and prescription medication do not mix

When your doctor prescribes medicine for a health condition, the bottle typically comes with specific instructions that include warnings about things you should avoid while taking it. One common warning is to avoid mixing your medication with alcohol. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are often potentially harmful events that could occur if you take your medication and drink alcohol at the same time.

DUI Conviction: The short and long-term consequences

A DUI is a very serious offense which carries severe penalties and often has lasting consequences for the person charged. If you have been charged with a DUI over the Labor Day weekend, or during any other time of year, it is important that you understand the types of penalties you will face as well as the possible associated long-term consequences. You should also understand your legal rights and how an attorney can assist in furthering those rights and defending against criminal charges.

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