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What constitutes the crime of embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a white collar crime that often takes place in the employment setting. Essentially, embezzlement occurs when assets are stolen by one who is responsible for them or is otherwise in a position of trust with regards to the assets. For example, accounting embezzlement takes place when a person purposely changes a business's financial information in order to conceal the fact that they are stealing company funds. While a person in this position is granted lawful possession of the assets at issue, they are to use them for business purposes, such as managing or monitoring the assets, rather than misappropriating them for their own personal use.

Man acquitted of five attempted murder charges in Baltimore

Many people celebrating Memorial Day this past weekend did so at neighborhood cook-outs and block parties. Although joyous in nature, sometimes events happen at these celebrations that result in criminal charges. Nevertheless, an individual is innocent until proven guilty, which is why putting forth a strong criminal defense is important. After all, nobody wants to see an innocent person found guilty of a crime they didn't commit.

How does Maryland code define the crime of burglary?

When a person thinks of the crime of burglary, he or she may think of popular television shows or movies that depict a person smashing through a door or shattering a window in order to enter another person's home in the dead of night. It might make for good television ratings or movie reviews, but in fact the crimes of first-degree burglary and home invasion are felonies in Maryland and could have serious consequences.

With new presidency comes renewed spotlight on deportation

To say that President Donald Trump's has been busy in first week in office is quite an understatement. In addition to multiple shake-ups among personnel on various levels and within various departments, he has also signed an unprecedented number of executive orders in an effort to start fulfilling his campaign promises. While his actions thus far have been met with relief and joy for some, for others, many of his decisions have left people with anxiety and fear over their own future, and the future of their loved ones.

A man allegedly pulls a gun out in an encounter with a deputy

Earlier this week, a 31-year-old man from Waldorf, Maryland, was arrested following a break-in near the Dahlgren area. The incident began when police received multiple calls regarding multiple suspects trying to kick a door and open windows in an attempt to enter a residence. When police arrived at the scene, they found one man walking away.

How to protect yourself and your future from criminal charges

If you have been charged with a felony, you have everything to lose if you are found guilty, and everything to gain, including your freedom, if you are able to fight the charges and win. But even if you are totally innocent of a crime, if you are being charged, it means that prosecutors have enough evidence and believe they are capable of winning the case in their favor.

Local man charged with murder and assault

Local residents know that being accused of any type of major crime can have a devastating effect on someone's life. That individual is suddenly plunged into a legal struggle that could affect their freedom and their ability to pursue their dreams. According to recent reports, a Maryland man is now going through this precise situation and must now face first degree murder charges for a crime that took place in Prince George County back in 2015.

A grand jury is an important part of the criminal justice system

A grand jury can be a key part of the criminal justice system, even though it doesn't function like a criminal trial jury and render a verdict. Instead, a grand jury consists of people who are selected by government officials and are asked to decide whether criminal charges should be filed against a potential defendant after viewing evidence that has been collected. A grand jury usually investigates felony crimes and not common misdemeanors. A grand jury can have as many as 16 to 23 members, while a traditional criminal court jury has between six and 12.

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