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Tailgating Fun Can End With An Arrest

For the first time in a few years, with the team rushing out of the gate to a great start, fans of Terrapins football have reason to be happy. With wins come bigger crowds, and more people tailgating. In fact, the Terps are hosting a big night game on October 22. The atmosphere should be festive in the lead-up to kickoff.

For college freshman, errors in judgment can lead to criminal charges

It's August and classes at colleges and universities throughout Maryland and around the D.C. area will soon be back in session. For incoming freshman, the start of their college careers is often an exciting as well as stressful time. It can also be a dangerous time as, on their own for the first time, some freshman may try or do things they've never done before.

How does a drug conviction affect your ability to get federal financial aid for college?

If you're facing drug charges, you may be worried about monetary fines or jail time. However, a drug conviction can affect your life in various other ways as well. One of the lesser-known consequences of a drug conviction is the possibility of losing your eligibility for federal financial aid for college. In some situations, you may also be responsible for having to pay back aid monies given to you during the time of the offense. Understanding how the drug conviction affects financial aid and what you may be able to do about it is an important part of forming a plan moving forward.

Drugs on college campuses reach 35-year high

With the smoking of marijuana on college campuses at its highest level in 35 years, more students are at risk of being caught and charged. These students face more than just criminal charges, which can be severe in themselves. Many also face discipline at the college or university they attend. These college discipline proceedings can result in the loss of scholarships and other forms of financial aid, or they may even be expelled from school.

What are drug diversion programs?

If you are charged with misdemeanor charges for the possession of marijuana in a Maryland District Court and are a first-time offender with either no criminal record or a limited one, you may be able to complete a diversion program. When this occurs, you'll be able to avoid the prosecution process and, ultimately, a mark on your criminal record. Upon successful completion of the program, charges could be dropped, and the case may not face prosecution. It's the decision of the Office of the State's Attorney if you're eligible for a diversion program.

4 Ways A Criminal Conviction Will Limit Your Future

A criminal conviction is devastating for anybody. But for college students and those just beginning their careers, the effects can be even more severe. Criminal charges alone can create obstacles, but a criminal conviction will limit your future opportunities drastically.

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