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What felonies in Maryland lead to a first degree murder charge?

A charge of first degree murder is always a felony in Maryland. The state applies the felony murder rule in cases like this. This means that the prosecution believes that a specific murder was committed or was attempted while committing or attempting to commit another crime. However, many Maryland residents may not understand what these crimes or felonies are. So here is a quick look at exactly what kinds of felonies may lead to a first degree murder charge in the state.

What are some defenses to robbery charges in Maryland?

Anyone who has been charged with robbery in Maryland faces serious consequences because robbery, no matter the degree, is a felony. Penalties for a robbery conviction can include a significant prison term and a permanent criminal record. So mounting a strong criminal defense against any robbery charge is imperative. But what types of defense might a criminal defense attorney raise in a robbery trial?

What are some examples of white collar crimes in Maryland?

The term "white collar crime" is used as a general description for nonviolent criminal activity involving the use of fraud or deceit for financial gain. In Maryland there are a number of federal and state crimes that fall into the category of white collar crimes. This blog will examine some of the more well-known examples of white collar crime.

What is the purpose of a grand jury in Maryland?

In controversial or high-profile cases involving violent crimes or allegations of wrongdoing by a public official, a Maryland prosecutor may choose not to make the charging decision alone, but instead to convene a grand jury to determine whether the individual should be indicted.

Maryland teenager charged as an adult with felony assault

For most Upper Marlboro, Maryland, teenagers being charged with a crime can have a devastating effect on their lives. All of a sudden, they must now deal with criminal charges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and a potential court trial. And, there is always the possibility of being convicted of the charges and being fined or perhaps receiving a jail sentence. On top of all of this are the lingering effects that go along with a criminal record, including a damaged reputation, being treated like a social pariah and the reduced potential for educational and employment opportunities.

U.S Attorney announces guilty plea in theft and laundering scheme

Most Montgomery County, Maryland residents are very aware of fraud and identity theft. They know that it doesn't take much personal information nowadays for criminals to establish a false identity in their name and apply for credit cards and loans that could cost these residents unimaginable financial damage. They also know that they have to remain vigilant at all times, so many scour their bank and credit card statements every month searching for any potential problems.

Maryland bishop faces vehicular homicide charges

Good people are sometimes charged with felonies. The indictment of a Maryland Episcopal bishop earlier this month on charges that include vehicular homicide serves as an example. In cases like this, public outrage over the alleged misdeeds of a public figure can obscure the fact that like all people charged with a crime, the bishop is innocent until proven guilty.

Maryland felony charges carry serious penalties

Criminal charges are nothing to take lightly. They carry harsh penalties and may mar your record for years to come. Nevertheless, not all charges are created equal. Felony charges significantly increase the exposure for jail time and large financial repercussions. As a result, an accused is urged to consult with an Upper Marlboro criminal defense lawyer to explain the situation.

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