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How to keep drug addiction from ruining your life

Many Maryland residents struggle, or know someone who struggles with alcohol and/or drug addiction. If you are suffering from this condition, you are definitely not alone. Sometimes, a person's battle begins with something as appropriate as medication prescribed for a back or muscle injury. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you feel like you can't live without the drug. Drug addiction often affects more than the person who is addicted. Entire families, even communities may experience the negative effects of someone's addiction.

There are a great number of resources available to help those struggling with addiction nowadays. You may have heard of (or even participated in) counseling sessions, either individually or family oriented. In fact, behavioral therapy is often used to help treat drug abuse conditions.

New bail rules have mixed verdict

Maryland's Supreme Court imposed new rules liberalizing bail this month. When setting bail, judges must consider the accused's ability to pay and impose the least burdensome release terms on suspects who are not considered dangerous or a flight risk. The rules were unofficially implemented last fall.

These guidelines were intended to lower jail populations and address racial and economic inequality among incarcerated suspects. Starting July 1, defense attorneys may also challenge denial of bail because of the defendant's inability to pay.

Felony sex charges against fraternity brothers dismissed

A sex crime charge in Maryland has long-term consequences requiring law enforcement to comply with procedural rules and constitutional protections. This was apparent in a recent sexual assault case.

Two former fraternity brothers from the College of Charleston, were arrested in early September on allegations that they engaged in a criminal sexual encounter with a 17-year-old that was spawned by drug use. The charges were filed after clear images from one of the defendant's cell phone emerged.

What happens after one is arrested for domestic violence?

When a family dispute occurs, things can escalate quickly, with each party hurling insults or angry words at one another. Unfortunately, even if it's merely a "he said, she said," situation, a person in Maryland might be arrested on charges of domestic violence. It is important, therefore, to understand what happens after an initial arrest on such allegations.

When it comes to domestic violence, it is often the case that the accused will be charged with assault, commonly in the second degree. After being charged, the person accused of committing domestic violence will have to appear in a District Court, where a commissioner will make a decision about whether or not the accused should remain behind bars on bail, and if so, to what amount that bail amount should be set.

What are the penalties for drug possession in Maryland?

Heroin and other opiate use is becoming more prevalent in Maryland and across the nation. A 2016 poll conducted by the Washington Post and University of Maryland reported that three out of every 10 people in the state have a close friend or relative who has an opioid addiction. Therefore, it is important for residents of Maryland to understand the state's drug laws with regards to the opioid epidemic and the penalties associated with them.

For example, the penalties for a person found to be in possession of a controlled substance other than marijuana, such as heroin, are as follows: misdemeanor offenses could result in as many as four years in prison and/or a $25,000 fine. If a person is in possession of 28 grams or more of a controlled substance, this is a felony that could result in a prison sentence of up to 25 years and/or a $50,000 fine. These penalties are doubled if it is a subsequent offense.

Can you challenge the results of a Breathalyzer test?

The social scene and beach life really pick up in Maryland during summer months. People travel from all over the country to visit the many beautiful vacation spots this state has to offer. Those who live here year-round like to enjoy some rest and relaxation as well, whether meeting friends at local restaurants for a few drinks and a bushel of crabs or checking in at their favorite hotels along the shore for a week or more. Most summer adventures occur without major problems, but not all.

Studies show that during holiday seasons and other big-travel months, the number of DUI arrests in vacation areas tends to increase. A minor traffic stop on your way home from a night on the town with friends can quickly turn into a serious situation if the officer at hand thinks you're drunk. Even if you only imbibed a single glass of wine or a beer, your problems could get a lot worse before the situation gets better, especially where chemical tests are concerned.

What constitutes the crime of embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a white collar crime that often takes place in the employment setting. Essentially, embezzlement occurs when assets are stolen by one who is responsible for them or is otherwise in a position of trust with regards to the assets. For example, accounting embezzlement takes place when a person purposely changes a business's financial information in order to conceal the fact that they are stealing company funds. While a person in this position is granted lawful possession of the assets at issue, they are to use them for business purposes, such as managing or monitoring the assets, rather than misappropriating them for their own personal use.

Take, for instance, bank tellers. They lawfully handle money, which in actuality is owned by the bank and its customers, during the course of their job duties. However, if they take that money and use it for their own personal gain, that is embezzlement. Sometimes embezzlement involves stealing a significant amount of assets in one go. Other times embezzlement takes place when a person steals small amounts of assets for a long time.

Could addiction counseling benefit you personally and legally?

Struggling with an addiction affects numerous people all around the world. As a member of this group, you may face challenges every day and hope that you will survive your addiction for another day. However, you may find yourself making unseemly choices in order to gain extra cash to support your addiction, such as selling drugs yourself, or you may take unnecessary risks in order to get a fix.

You may feel judged for your problems and believe that you have no way out from the struggles you face. Additionally, you may feel even more trapped if you face charges for drug-related violations. However, addiction counseling could offer help for many areas of your life.

Maryland high school student accused of sexual assault

No one wants to be accused of a crime, especially when it involves something as serious as rape. Such allegations can affect one's entire future, especially if they are convicted and labeled as a sex offender. Therefore, if a person is accused of rape or sexual assault, it is important that they seek the help they need to defend themselves and protect their legal interests.

A Maryland high school student, age 17, may need to do this now after being charged with numerous felonies for allegedly forcing a girl, age 17, out of the school and then sexually assaulting her. According to the girl, she and the accused were in the library when he held her by her arms and forced her out of the building. They then allegedly went down the road to an area hidden by a waterfall. It was there, according to the girl, that the accused undressed her and sexually assaulted her twice. She claims that during that time the accused choked her, causing her to pass out. It has not been reported where each party went after the alleged assault. The girl did claim that the accused said he would murder her and then commit suicide.

Man acquitted of five attempted murder charges in Baltimore

Many people celebrating Memorial Day this past weekend did so at neighborhood cook-outs and block parties. Although joyous in nature, sometimes events happen at these celebrations that result in criminal charges. Nevertheless, an individual is innocent until proven guilty, which is why putting forth a strong criminal defense is important. After all, nobody wants to see an innocent person found guilty of a crime they didn't commit.

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