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Can Maryland residents file a criminal complaint?

Most Maryland residents are familiar with how the criminal justice system proceeds in the state. What usually happens is that a warrant or criminal complaint is filed against someone by the local prosecutor's office and then local law enforcement officials locate and place this individual under arrest. But, are there situations where an everyday citizen can file a criminal charge against another citizen?

Proceedings that are determined during an arraignment

Being arrested on any criminal charge can be a scary experience. A person's life can suddenly shift from normal everyday cares and concerns to major fears about being convicted of a crime and sent to prison. But, a lot of legal procedures must take place before someone can be convicted of a crime. One of the early steps in the criminal process is arraignment.

What are drug diversion programs?

If you are charged with misdemeanor charges for the possession of marijuana in a Maryland District Court and are a first-time offender with either no criminal record or a limited one, you may be able to complete a diversion program. When this occurs, you'll be able to avoid the prosecution process and, ultimately, a mark on your criminal record. Upon successful completion of the program, charges could be dropped, and the case may not face prosecution. It's the decision of the Office of the State's Attorney if you're eligible for a diversion program.

What is a plea negotiation?

There are many components to a criminal court case. First, someone must be charged with a specific criminal act. Then, as the process moves forward, many other elements may come into play such as a pre-trial hearing, the act of discovery, settling jurisdiction and selecting a jury. Another potential aspect of a criminal court case is plea negotiation. But, what is a plea negotiation and how is it used during the court process?

A brief look at Maryland's cocaine laws

Maryland residents know that one of the most dangerous illegal drugs is cocaine. No matter if it is in the form of a powder to be snorted or a rock that is smoked, cocaine remains an extremely addictive drug that destroys lives. Therefore, anyone who is arrested for either the possession, sale or trafficking of cocaine in Maryland faces serious punishment. So, here is a brief look at some of the charges and penalties that someone could face.

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