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Weapons Offenses

More and more weapons cases are coming before Maryland courts. They are for a variety of offenses – carrying without a permit, illegal gun enhancement, discharging a weapon, possessing a weapon by a convicted felon, brandishing a weapon, carrying a weapon in the commission of a crime. The state has one set of laws and the federal government has another. In either case, punishments are severe, and judgments can be subjective.

For instance, it is a crime to carry any firearm with the intent of committing a crime or harming another person. What is intent? When are you protected by conceal and carry, and when aren’t you? Are you allowed to carry a weapon on your own property?

These are questions for the judge or jury to decide. Clearly, if you are charged with a gun violation, you need a lawyer who knows the laws and can work through these kinds of ambiguities.

Rockville Firearm Possession Defense Attorneys

Gun charges can be filed against anyone, not just criminals. Sportsmen, collectors and persons protecting their property can find themselves in deep trouble. Weapons charges don’t have to become weapons convictions. If you have been charged with a weapons offense, call us at the Law Offices of Thomas C. Mooney. We can help you plan a defense to put this event behind you.

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