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Don’t Face Underage DUI Charges Alone

If you or your child has been arrested for drinking and driving underage, you need an attorney who can help you through this. Underage drivers are likely to face more severe consequences than someone who is over 21. In addition to a driver’s license suspension and other penalties, this will remain on your record — potentially causing you problems for many years.

Convictions for drunk driving cannot be expunged in Maryland. This means your DUI will stay on your permanent record even if you are convicted before turning 18.

Underage DUI Defense: The Skilled Lawyer You Need

The Law Offices of Thomas C. Mooney in Upper Marlboro wins tough criminal cases. Even if you think the state has stacked the evidence against you, we believe we can help you get the best possible results.

Thomas C. Mooney was named 2011’s Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Maryland Association for Justice.

We are experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who believe very strongly in minimizing the criminal consequences young people face. You need to have a clean record as you prepare to enter the adult world and build a career, and we will do our absolute best to ensure this DUI arrest doesn’t haunt you for long.

We win DUI cases involving minors by:

  • Attacking the search and seizure record. Did police even have the right to stop you?
  • Casting doubt on the test results. Was your breath test flawed? Did police perform field sobriety tests correctly?
  • Talking sense into judges and prosecutors. Can’t they see that alternative punishments would be better for you than a harsh sentence?

As your legal team, we will explore every possible angle to save you from costly fines, license suspension, problems with your school and future employers. In the event of a very severe DUI charge, we will fight tooth-and-nail to protect your freedom.

We defend college students in both the criminal process and administrative procedures at their schools.

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If you or your child is facing DUI charges for minors, contact us as soon as possible for a free case review. Timing is very important in DUI cases. We would be happy to give you an honest assessment of what you are up against. Call 301-579-3429 or send us this form to schedule your free consultation today.