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Legal Representation For Charges Related To “Ghost Guns” In Maryland

Ghost guns are unserialized firearms or DIY guns anyone can build at home, bypassing background checks. A ghost gun charge can have serious consequences, including hefty fines and prison time. In that case, your best course of action is to seek the counsel of a seasoned Maryland gun attorney.

At the Law Offices of Thomas C. Mooney, we specialize in aggressive and effective criminal defense. Our lawyers are dedicated to getting results for our clients in Upper Marlboro and across Maryland. We will carefully examine your case, explore all available options and fight tirelessly to deliver the most favorable outcome.

Why Are Ghost Guns Considered Particularly Dangerous By Authorities?

While traditional ghost guns were assembled from purchased parts, the rise of 3D printing technology has introduced a new perspective. Anyone with a 3D printer and readily downloadable blueprints can create a working firearm at home.

Ghost guns pose a significant legal threat for several reasons, including:

  • Untraceable: The lack of serial numbers makes it hard to track the origin of a ghost gun recovered from a crime scene.
  • No background checks: Ghost gun parts can be purchased without a background check.
  • Easy assembly: Many ghost gun kits come with all the necessary components and instructions for easy assembly.

As such, prosecutors are eager to press charges against people for their possession and use. If you are facing a ghost gun charge in Maryland, we possess the required legal experience to build a robust defense.

What Are The Regulations On Ghost Guns

The government has taken a significant step toward addressing the ghost gun problem by enacting new federal regulations that aim to serialize ghost guns and require background checks for serialized parts that are sometimes used to create ghost guns. In addition, Maryland’s HB 425 and SB387 have criminalized the purchase, creation, sale, transfer and possession of ghost guns.

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