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We Fight Drug Distribution Charges

Drug distribution charges can result in very severe penalties in Maryland, including mandatory minimum jail sentences. When you face such serious charges, you need a proven attorney in your corner.

At the Law Offices of Thomas C. Mooney in Upper Marlboro, we focus on handling challenging, serious felony cases, including drug distribution and trafficking cases. Our lead attorney, Thomas Mooney, was recognized for his efforts in 2011 when the Maryland Association for Justice named him Trial Lawyer of the Year.

We know how to win tough cases, drawing on our extensive legal knowledge, experience and resources to deconstruct the prosecution’s case. Call us today to talk about your drug distribution defense options for free: 301-579-3429. We do not charge for initial legal consultations.

Drug Distribution And Trafficking Charges: Know What Is At Stake

All drug distribution offenses are felonies, including charges for possession with intent to distribute. You might find yourself facing that charge even if you were in possession of drugs for personal use, because the quantity or packaging made police assume you planned to sell the drugs.

Convictions for drug distribution lead to significant and long-term consequences. With so much on the line, you need an aggressive defender like Mr. Mooney.

Drug Distribution Charges And Penalties In Maryland

Charge Maximum Imprisonment Fine
Drug distribution—drug kingpin 40 years (Minimum of 20 years) $1,000,000
Importing a controlled dangerous substance (other than marijuana) into Maryland 25 years $50,000
Importing 45 or more kilograms of marijuana into Maryland 25 years $50,000
Importing 5 to 45 kilos of marijuana into Maryland 10 years $10,000
Bringing a minor into Maryland to violate drug laws 20 years $20,000
*Distribution, manufacturing,
etc., of PCP,
heroin, cocaine, LSD, oxycodone, methadone and other narcotics
and hallucinogenics
20 years $20,000-$25,000
Distribution, manufacturing,
etc., of certain Schedule I or II
drugs in
large quantities
20 years (Minimum of 5 years) $100,000
*Distribution, manufacturing,
etc., of 750 grams or more of MDMA (Molly)
20 years $20,000
*Distribution, manufacturing or dispensing a controlled substance
near a school or on a school vehicles
20 years $20,000
Involving minors in the manufacturing,
delivery, or distribution of
controlled substances
20 years $20,000
Distributing a non-controlled substance as if it were a controlled substance. 5 years $15,000
*Distribution, manufacturing, etc., of buprenorphine and non-narcotics including amphetamines, marijuana,
synthetic marijuana, diazepam,
MDMA (Molly) under 750 grams and
5 years (Minimum 2 years) $15,000
Distribution, manufacturing, etc., of certain Schedule I through V
non-narcotics in large quantities
Minimum 5 years $100,000

* Subsequent offenders receive increased penalties, typically including mandatory minimum jail sentences.

The Aggressive Legal Defense You Need

We have won many challenging cases with our zealous and intelligent legal representation. We do not sit back to wait and see what the prosecution brings us; we work proactively to get our clients the best outcomes under the circumstances. We initiate action in motions, hearings and trials. We will do whatever it takes to protect your freedom.

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