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Murder And Manslaughter Cases: A Track Record You Can Trust

If you or someone you care about has been linked to a homicide, it is important to put an experienced and reputable attorney on your side as soon as possible. Not all criminal defense attorneys in Maryland are equipped to handle cases as serious as murder or manslaughter. Retain a defense attorney with a record you can trust.

Our founding attorney, Thomas C. Mooney, has tried and won 10 murder cases over the course of his career. He has been involved in over 30 murder cases, many of which were successfully dropped or resolved outside of court.

Act fast to build your defense — the prosecution is surely acting fast to build its case against you. Call 301-579-3429 to reach our law office in Upper Marlboro for a confidential legal consultation, free of charge.

We Win Challenging Cases

Our law office is successful defending clients against serious criminal charges because we represent our clients with intelligence and aggressiveness. We boast a remarkable scrapbook of newspaper clippings from past wins.

I think the defense tore the prosecution apart. The main witness was not credible at all — his story changed so many times,” said a juror in one of our firm’s successful murder trials, as quoted by The Washington Post.

As your lawyers, we are prepared to:

  • Break down the prosecution’s case: We will draw on our extensive legal knowledge to analyze the case the state is building against you. We will prod and poke for weaknesses — finding gaps, contradictions and implausible elements, tugging at the threads that hold the government’s case together.
  • Tap into an extensive network: As experienced trial attorneys, we have access to a variety of experts in various fields that we may bring in as we build your defense. From forensics, to fingerprints, to psychology, to DNA to cell tower technology, we know whom to consult with.
  • Advocate for future, seeking the best results: We are defense attorneys who play offense. Our clients know we go to bat for them; we are proactive. We will initiate actions and zealously go forward to do whatever it takes to protect your freedom. Named 2011 Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Maryland Association for Justice, Thomas C. Mooney knows how to communicate with juries to protect your rights.

Schedule A Free And Confidential Legal Consultation

Your freedom is on the line. A defense attorney should get involved at the earliest stages of your case, before interrogation, if possible. If you have been arrested or are under investigation, contact us immediately to speak to an attorney. Call 301-579-3429 or send us an email now.