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6 underage students charged for underage drinking party

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Underage Drinking

In November, Maryland authorities raided a house where a party reportedly left the air so infused with alcohol that it registered a .01 on a Breathalyzer test. According to sources, the party was being held by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in Bethesda.

Authorities raided the home after they received complaints from neighbors. When they arrived at the home, the authorities said that the windows had been covered with insulation and that there was evidence of drinking throughout the home. This reportedly included a floor that was sticky due to spilled alcohol, scattered liquor bottles and trash bags. When authorities tested the air inside the home for alcohol in the air, it registered a .01 score.

Sources say that there were 70 people inside the house. Authorities found that the majority of them were underage. The six men who hosted the party at the home were charged with 126 counts each of furnishing underage individuals with alcohol and for allowing underage possession of alcohol. The men were underage themselves at 20 years old.

When a person is accused of underage drinking, he or she could face severe legal consequences. If he or she is a student, these repercussions could also extend to his or her school life. In addition to potential jail time and a criminal record, a student could be kicked out of school. This can prevent him or her from seeking gainful employment in the field he or she was originally in school for. A criminal law attorney may attempt to minimize the charges and the consequences by working with students as they navigate the criminal case and the administrative procedures.