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Rapper taken into custody on drug charges

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Drug Charges

According to federal authorities, rapper YGG Tay was taken into custody on drug charges at an apartment in Maryland. Authorities say that when he was taken into custody, he had $9,300 in his possession as well as a pistol. A search of his vehicle revealed a little more than 3 grams of heroin as well as a white substance.

YGG Tay was with two other people at the time that he was taken into custody, and those two individuals were also handed drug charges. Police searched the apartments of both of these individuals and found more drugs and items that could be used for manufacturing or distributing controlled substances. Among the items found were a mixing bowl, sifter and a scale. According to authorities, YGG Tay is believed to be providing heroin and cocaine to a gang called Trained to Go.

Those who are charged with possessing or distributing drugs may face penalties such as jail or prison time if convicted. They may also face the possibility of paying a fine or spending time on probation. It may be a good idea to retain an attorney who may be able to help a person avoid some or all penalties associated with a drug or other criminal charge.

An attorney may be able to have evidence suppressed in an effort to weaken the case against a defendant. If evidence is suppressed, a criminal defense attorney may ask that a case be dismissed before it goes to trial. It could also create leverage to negotiate a plea deal, which may be reached before or during a trial. Attorneys may also be able to cast doubt on police reports or other evidence introduced at trial in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome for a defendant.