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Domestic violence may have been root of alleged Perry Hall attack

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Domestic Violence

When you are facing domestic violence charges, there are more things to consider than the possible penalties in the criminal justice system. These charges often involve people who are close to us, and they could endanger our ability to be a parent or part of a community.

A man is facing charges after an alleged attack on his child in Perry Hall. The man’s son ran to a neighbor’s house saying he had just been struck by the man with an object that caused a small puncture wound. The man then struggled when police arrived, and one officer suffered a light injury.

The two injured people were sent to the hospital while Baltimore County police investigated the situation. The suspect is in custody until charges are finalized. The safety of the child may also be considered when parents and others responsible for them are suspected of violent crimes.

Even if suspects are cleared of charges or otherwise free, a protection order may be filed by a possible victim or on behalf of a possible victim. This could restrict a person’s access to family or even a home. If a person received notice of an order like this, it may be a good idea to get a lawyer on the phone.

An attorney can always help people facing charges of domestic violence and other crimes. Legal representation is allowed at any point when people are in the custody of police or other law enforcement officers, as well as court appearances and other related issues. No one should face these types of charges with the help they need.