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Is a homicide the same as murder?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Violent crimes

You may have heard the terms murder and homicide used to refer to the same situation in the past, but did you know that they are actually terms describing different crimes?

The main difference is that homicide is a broad term referring to the act of killing another human. Homicide can be charged at different degrees, and each degree considers the circumstances and intentions leading up to the crime. On the other hand, murder is more specific and refers to the intention to end another person’s life.

In law, homicide may refer to a murder, but a murder is a very specific type of homicide. 

Are homicides always against the law?

No, and that’s something to consider as well. Homicides may be excused in some cases, such as if someone was acting in self-defense. Criminal homicides can include involuntary manslaughter up to and including charges like first-degree murder. 

It’s serious to be accused of homicide or murder. If you are facing accusations of murder or voluntary manslaughter, then it’s a good idea to work on a defense that may help you get the charge lowered to involuntary manslaughter or a lower murder classification. Of course, your attorney’s goal should be to minimize the penalties you face, which could include defending you to the point of having the case dropped completely. 

Whether you face homicide or murder charges, take them seriously. The accusations could lead to heavy fines and imprisonment as well as other penalties. You should go over the possible defensive options that would work for your case, so you can fight for your freedoms.