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What are the penalties for doctor shopping?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Drug Charges

Trying to get drugs for your pain may be easier if you are experiencing physical pain from a health condition or injury. If you are seeking drugs with the intent to use them for other reasons, you may find yourself in serious trouble if you are caught.

If you do not have a criminal history, the penalties may be lighter. If the details of your case include lying to medical professionals, the penalties may be more severe.

Criminal consequences of doctor shopping may be harsh

Law enforcement personnel and the district attorney all see doctor shopping as a potentially dangerous crime. Whether you intend to use the medication yourself or distribute it to others, doctor shopping is considered to be a serious act.

You may have a legitimate injury requiring prescription medication to help treat. Otherwise, you may have been arrested and charged with shopping around for a doctor who would prescribe painkilling medication to you.

What is “doctor shopping?”

This is an act that means you may try to deceive a doctor into prescribing drugs that you do not need to be using. Another element to doctor shopping is manipulation by telling the doctor you are having symptoms that you may not be experiencing. It also means you hold back information the doctor needs to decide whether you need the medication you are requesting.

People who doctor shop may say their current refill was lost. Without proof, it is difficult for the doctor to make the right decision.

How the penalties progress

First-time offenses may require you to attend a drug treatment program instead of going to prison. Other convictions of doctor shopping may result in hefty fines and a prison sentence.