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Why is it so crucial to fight a first DUI charge?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Drunk Driving

If this is the first time the police have ever charged you with drunk driving, you might consider accepting the charge. Maybe you misjudged your drinks, tested slightly over the legal limit and figure that in the future, you know to have one drink less.

That is not a great way to look at things for several reasons: Any amount of alcohol will impair your driving ability. The best lesson to take away would be never again to drink alcohol before driving. Calculating your blood alcohol content (BAC) is never an exact science, and you could well get it wrong again.

You might be able to persuade a court to acquit you of the charges you face. It would save you the sentence that comes with conviction and the embarrassment you might feel about gaining a criminal record. 

A conviction this time will make it worse if you are ever convicted again.

Courts do not look kindly on repeat offenders

Let’s say you cannot persuade a court to acquit you, but you convince the judge that it was an out-of-character mistake and that you don’t usually drink and drive. They decide to go easy on you, keeping the sentence to the minimum.

Next year the police pull you over again, and you again blow over the limit. How do you think the judge will view you now? 

Repeat DUI offenses carry higher maximum penalties, and a judge who feels you duped them the first time may be more inclined to use them. Getting legal help to challenge a first-time DUI stands you in better stead if you ever face those charges again.