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Why might doctors and pharmacists face drug charges?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Drug Charges

As a qualified doctor or pharmacist, you are licensed to work with drugs. Medical doctors are licensed to prescribe people drugs, and pharmacists are authorized to hand over the actual drugs in exchange for those prescriptions.

The crucial position you hold in the prescription drug supply chain makes you a target for those wanting to get hold of the drugs illegally.

Incorrect prescription drug use is a massive problem

Opioid dependency has reached a crisis level across the country. The roots of the problem are well known, with pharmaceutical companies encouraging doctors to prescribe these drugs for pain relief while downplaying the dependency that can result. By the time the truth came out, it was already too late, and thousands were already addicted.

Doctors could be accused of issuing too many prescriptions

If someone steals or fakes your prescription book, they could use it to collect large quantities of opioids from pharmacies.

If someone then takes one of those false prescriptions to a pharmacist and gets away with it, they may return to the same pharmacy with more fake prescriptions. Or, more likely, they will send others to do it.

When the police crack a prescription drugs supply chain, they may assume the doctor or pharmacist played a willing role in getting those drugs out. Hence, as an innocent medical professional, you could find yourself in a difficult position.

If convicted of prescription drug crimes, you could face fines and jail time. You will almost certainly lose your license to practice too. If you are caught up in a prescription drug scandal, seek urgent legal help to protect your liberty, reputation and career.