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Can you cheat a blood alcohol test?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Panic can ensure when you see a sobriety checkpoint ahead or the blue lights of a police car behind you. You might think the police will arrest you, and a judge will send you to jail for years, even though you have not drunk enough to be anywhere near the legal limit. After all, plenty of innocent people get convicted for all sorts of crimes.

Hence you might think of trying out one of the many strange ways to fool a breath alcohol test you have seen on the internet. For example, blowing improperly into the machine or distracting the officer and getting your friend to blow into the machine for you are two popular “hacks” for beating a Breathalyzer. 

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

Anyone can post anything online, even if there is no truth at all to it. Following poor advice could lead to even more problems if the police believe you are trying to cheat a blood alcohol test.

Remember, the police do not stop all drivers at DUI checkpoints, and just because they are behind you does not mean it is you they are following. Even if they are, it might be for an entirely different reason – nothing to do with suspected intoxication.

Staying calm when dealing with the police reduces the likelihood that you will make errors that harm your chances of continuing your life as normal. Even if they do stop and arrest you, there are still defense options available for a DUI. It will be easier to implement them if you do not worsen your situation by following inaccurate advice based on something you read on the internet.