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How your experimental nature can lead to worse drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Drug Charges

Most people understand Maryland’s drug prohibition laws and no it is a legal risk to purchase or consume prohibited drugs. However, especially as awareness of official misinformation about drugs has grown, many people have gone through an experimental phase where they try certain substances for themselves. 

Getting caught in the possession of any one illegal or controlled drug could lead to possession charges. However, if the police catch you in possession of multiple substances because you wanted to try them all, you could face much more serious charges. The situation may look like an “attempt to distribute” to the police. 

Many factors determine the charges you face

When you get arrested, the state decides what charges to pursue based on your criminal record, the type of substances found in your possession and the weight of those substances. Proximity to schools, possession of other illegal items, like unregistered firearms, and involvement in other criminal activity can all amplify the severity of the charges someone faces. 

When you have a broad range of different drugs instead of just one drug, you may have an uphill battle convincing the police, a prosecutor or the courts that you had all of those different drugs for your own personal use. Many people who struggle with substance abuse have one or two substances that they regularly abuse. The broader the variety of different banned and controlled substances someone has, the more difficult it can be to raise claims you possessed those drugs for personal use. 

Making sense of why the state wants to bring enhancement charges against you and looking into your defense options can help you bounce back after accusations of a drug offense in Maryland.