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What does it mean to have to bail out of jail?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Criminal Defense

People who are facing criminal charges will likely want to get out of jail while their case is ongoing. Being out of jail lets them work on their defense and live life while they’re waiting on their upcoming court dates. 

There’s a risk of defendants failing to show up for court if they’re not in jail. To reduce the likelihood of the person not going to their hearings, the court may issue bail. Bail is the amount of money or assets the person has to put up to guarantee they’ll appear in court for their next hearing if they’re released from jail. The alternative is for the court to issue a release on your own recognizance, which involves you signing a promissory note that you’ll appear in court. 

How can you post bail?

You have the option of paying bail with cash or the equivalent in assets. Many people don’t have that option so they have to use a bail bondsman. Bail bond companies put up a bond with the court on your behalf as an assurance that you’ll go to your court dates. 

If you don’t show up for court and used a bail bondsman, they will come to find you and bring you to the court. They’ll have to make good on the bond if they aren’t able to do this so most of them take this very seriously.

Always make sure you understand your rights when you’re facing a criminal charge. You have defense strategy options that you can work through so you need to determine which is in your best interest. Your planning should start before the bail hearing. A good defense is always an informed defense.