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2 potential defenses for your prescription drug charge

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Drug Charges

Prescription drugs are helpful for different illnesses – but they can be harmful when used without guidance. That is why you need a prescription to get them. Using fake identification to obtain drugs, using someone else’s medicines or prescriptions, mislabeling prescriptions, doctor shopping or impersonating a health expert to obtain drugs are all illegal.

In April 2022, Maryland and the Drug Enforcement Administration provided a platform for residents to submit unused prescription drugs. The aim was to fight prescription drug abuse and overdose, indicating how seriously the state takes the issue.

If you are charged with a prescription drug charge, what defenses do you have? Here are two potential options:

A lack of intent

Maybe you’ve been accused of “doctor shopping” to get pain medication you don’t really need. The police claim that you deliberately misled your new doctor by not telling them you had previously obtained a prescription for a different narcotic a few weeks before. However, you never intended to deceive the doctor – you simply forgot about it because the medication hadn’t worked for you. Your lack of intent could be important to your defense

You acted under duress

Maybe you were acting under duress of some kind. For example, perhaps your new romantic partner turned out to be abusive and they threatened you with physical violence if you didn’t help them with a scheme to get some benzos or painkillers. If you weren’t acting of your own free will, that’s a possible defense.

Prescription drug crimes can result in weighty consequences. You should learn when these drugs can get you in trouble to protect yourself. If you are facing charges, seek legal guidance to build a strong defense.