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4 myths about drunk driving

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Many drunk driving charges occur because the driver was under the impression that a common misconception could help them out. Unfortunately, many of these are wholeheartedly believed in and oftentimes with the testament from a friend who is sure they work.

Yet, it’s these myths that may ultimately lead to a DUI charge. To combat these myths, you should know what doesn’t help after a night out drinking. 

Myth #1: Coffee is your answer to inebriation

Truth: Coffee can wake you up and make you more alert, however, it won’t reduce your inebriation levels. That being said, drinking coffee to reduce the effects of alcohol may only make you erratic behind the wheel. This can make you second guess yourself or cause you to take risky actions while driving, alerting the police to your condition. 

Myth #2: A splash of cold water will work

Truth: Like coffee, water can wake you up, but the effects may be just the same as coffee. However, while coffee may affect you for several hours, cold water may only cause a very temporary change.

Myth #3: Drinking something light will keep you sober

Truth: Many people believe that as long as they drink something light, then they’ll be able to pass a breath test and score below a 0.08% BAC level. However, alcohol affects people in many different ways and some people may not handle any level of alcohol well. In other words, a driver who has a light drink may still appear drunk.

Myth #4: Driving slowly will help you avoid detection

Truth: Driving slowly after drinking may be safer for you and others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be charged with a DUI. If someone causes an accident or if police perform a traffic stop for other reasons, then they may find you were drinking.

A DUI can cause serious damage to your record. If you’re looking to defend yourself against a criminal charge, then you may need to reach out for experienced legal help.