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How to avoid violating your parole

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Part of your penalty may be a prison sentence if you are convicted of a crime. The sentence you receive depends on things like the nature of your conviction, whether you are a repeat offender and the skill of your legal representation. 

However, even if you are sentenced to prison for a specific amount of time, it may be possible to get released early. You may be offered parole if you behave and show exemplary behavior while in prison. 

While parole allows you to leave prison, it comes with conditions. If you don’t adhere to the set conditions, you may be considered violating your parole, which comes with additional penalties. Knowing common the ways you may violate your parole can help you avoid this situation. 

1. Make sure you report to your parole officer promptly.

When you are released from prison, you are put under the supervision of a parole officer. It is their job to monitor what you do and how well you are re-integrating into society. 

The job of the parole officer is also to ensure that you adhere to the conditions of your parole. Part of this is meeting with you and contacting you via phone. If you do not meet with your parole officer as mandated, you are violating the terms of your patrol and will likely be sent back to prison. 

2. Do not violate any restrictions, including those on alcohol or drugs.

When you are released from prison, you will likely be instructed to avoid using alcohol or drugs. If you are tested, and the test comes back positive, it means you violated your parole. 

Avoiding a parole violation

If you violate your parole, you may experience additional consequences, including returning to jail, increased time on parole, additional fines and other criminal charges. Knowing your legal rights will help you avoid this outcome