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Do you have to stop at a DUI checkpoint?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Drunk Driving

The police will sometimes use DUI checkpoints in order to catch intoxicated drivers. This goes against the norm, which is when they pull over drivers that they suspect of being impaired. With a checkpoint, they just stop all of the drivers who are passing through that point on the road and then they try to determine if any of those drivers are under the influence.

Naturally, people do find this to be a bit controversial because it involves stopping sober drivers who haven’t made any mistakes. Others simply want to avoid any interactions with the police that they don’t have to engage in, so they may look for a way to avoid the checkpoint. Do you have to stop or can you avoid it?

You can avoid it if it’s possible to do so legally

You are not obligated to drive through the checkpoint, although you do have to stop at that checkpoint if you pass through it. You cannot simply keep on driving. You must follow the officers’ instructions.

What you can do, however, is turn off the road and take a different route to avoid that checkpoint. If you see it up ahead, for example, you may decide to turn down a side street on the way to your house.

The key is just to make sure that whatever tactic you use is completely legal. People will sometimes try to pull a U-turn, for example, so that they don’t go through a checkpoint. Doing this is illegal and just gives the police justification to pull over your vehicle.

What are your options if you’re facing charges?

If you have been arrested and you are facing charges, it’s critical to know what legal options you have. A DUI can have a major impact on your future, and you must know what steps to take next.