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How ADHD medications can lead to someone’s arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Drug Charges

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can have a profound impact on a student’s academic success. Those who do not receive diagnosis and treatments may struggle to follow classroom instructions and won’t do as well as their peers in a traditional school environment.

Thankfully, medical professionals are now able to better detect those with ADD and ADHD and have therapeutic options to help them achieve greater academic success. Prescription medication is a cornerstone of the average treatment plan for someone with an attention-deficit medical condition.

Unfortunately, ADD and ADHD medication might need to someone’s arrest in college or later in life.

There is a thriving secondary market for stimulus

Some people are jealous of those with ADD and ADHD because they have legal access to powerful stimulant medications. In high-stress professions and on many college campuses, there are individuals who would take any opportunity to secure a competitive edge. A medication that helps them focus or stay awake could help them get better grades by finishing a project with a big deadline or staying up longer to study.

Employees trying to climb the corporate ladder and college students alike may attempt to purchase ADHD drugs from others to use them without medical recommendation or supervision. Anyone buying medication on the unregulated market or selling others their medication could end up accused of a crime. While there is little substance to the myth that ADD medication leads to other addictions, it is very possible for people to abuse these medications when accessing them inappropriately.

If campus safety officers or the police catch someone in possession of stimulant medication without a valid prescription, they may very well arrest that person. Additionally, those who share their medication with others, with or without financial gain, might also end up facing charges if someone gets caught with their medication.

Owning a drug does not mean you can give it to others

It is crucial that young adults and anyone with a high-demand prescription understand the limits on lawful possession. People can only such medication under the supervision and direction of a physician.

The choice to give medication to other people, even as a gift, would lead to serious drug charges. Recognizing the limits that apply to your possession of medication can help you avoid mistakes that could result in drug charges.