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What if the police want to arrest you?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Criminal Defense

If the police decide to arrest you, there is little point in arguing and no point at all in trying to stop them. 

Once they’ve made up their mind, you might as well let them get on with it. It reduces the chance of getting hurt or picking up additional charges for resisting arrest.

Try to remain calm

Staying calm might not be easy, especially if this is your first arrest, but you need to think clearly, and not have your thoughts running all over the place. Think about your rights:

You have the right to refuse to speak

There is little point in talking to the police. The more you talk, the more likely you will give them a snippet of information they could use against you. Think about exercising your right to remain silent.

The exception is if they ask you your name, address or date of birth, as you must give them those if asked.

Think about what else you need to take care of

An arrest will bring your daily life to a temporary halt. You might need to ask someone to pick up your child from school, let out the cat, or let your mum know where you are.

You don’t need to defend yourself and shouldn’t try to, either. People study for years to become prosecutors, so you want someone with equal training to take them on and argue your defense. Seeking legal advice immediately is best, as they can guide you through the next steps.