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Is assault a felony in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Facing an assault charge can be an overwhelming experience. If convicted, it can affect various aspects of your life. Aside from prison time, an assault conviction alone can limit your professional and education opportunities, prevent you from securing rental housing and damage your reputation.

Factors that elevate assault charges to a felony

Maryland law treats assault with utmost seriousness; however, not all assault charges are identical. Some circumstances may result in misdemeanor charges, while others can escalate the offense to a felony.

  • Severity of injury: Serious physical injuries, such as broken bones or significant blood loss, are more likely to elevate an assault charge to a felony.
  • Use of a weapon: Assaults involving knives, guns or other dangerous objects might lead to felony charges.
  • Intent behind the assault: If an attacker intended to cause severe harm or death, the chances of being charged with a felony are more likely.
  • Relationship between attacker and victim: Assaults against certain protected classes, like law enforcement officers or vulnerable adults, often result in more severe charges.

Lastly, a prior criminal history can also affect the classification. If you have a history of violent crimes, you may be more likely to face felony charges for subsequent assaults.

What to do when facing assault felony charges

If you are facing felony assault charges in Maryland, you may want to seek help from a legal professional to guide you through the proceedings. They can fight for your rights and possibly increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

You may also want to seek support for your mental and emotional well-being from friends, family members, a therapist or a support group.